The Required Nutrition During Pregnancy

Once a mother discovers that she is pregnant, She will start to be more conscious about the food she eats and the nutritional values contained in every meal. Here are the nutritional requirements during pregnancy:

4 Lovely Activities with Your Children this Month of Love

Who can’t be so excited with the Valentine’s season? But February isn’t only about the romantic relationship with couples it is basically about love – anything about love between spouses, among family members and among other people.  Here are some of the lovely activities that you can do with your kids this month of love: 

Valentine’s Day With Kids?! 10 Fun Celebration Ideas

Parenthood is not a reason to skip Valentine’s Day celebrations. Moreover, it’s a great occasion to spend more time with your beloved ones, cuddle up, have fun and create unforgettable memories. Here are 10 sweet and easy ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids.

Easy, Fun & Doable New Year’s Resolution for Preschoolers

New Year’s resolutions for kids? Oh, yes, it is definitely possible! Although most parents would argue that new year’s resolutions are best for children once they reach the age of seven, there is nothing wrong in starting early, right? But how do we make it possible for children to understand the concept of committing to certain actions and behavior the entire year? 

Toddler Clingy Phase? How to deal with it?

The clingy phase is exhausting. Yes, it can consume all your energy, eat up all your time, and restrict you from being your usual self. But should you worry about your toddler’s clingy phase? How do you respond to such clinginess? Baby Chingy Phase: Abnormal & Spoiled? Some people consider clinginess as an abnormal development…