10 fun STAY AT HOME games and activities for kids

The coronavirus outbreak has led to calls for all schools and nurseries to temporarily close. But while a shutdown could help control the spread of the virus, parents may struggle to keep their energetic little ones entertained while stuck at home. Children play not only for fun, but it also helps them to develop their individuality…

Why Parents Should Learn to Develop a Detective’s Eyes

Do you believe that parents cannot simply be just parents? The journey to parenting requires wearing of many hats. Sometimes we act as nurses, other times we transform into clowns. There are also times when we become their teachers and moments when we turn into their best friends. But do you know one of the…

Teach children how to love their siblings and friends: 4 Easy Steps

Since February was a celebration of love, shouldn’t we continue to take advantage of this season to promote love to our children? Although love can naturally be felt through different life experiences and social interactions, it is also wonderful to be able to It is wonderful to be able to teach children how to love…

4 Lovely Activities with Your Children this Month of Love

Who can’t be so excited with the Valentine’s season? But February isn’t only about the romantic relationship with couples it is basically about love – anything about love between spouses, among family members and among other people.  Here are some of the lovely activities that you can do with your kids this month of love: 

Valentine’s Day With Kids?! 10 Fun Celebration Ideas

Parenthood is not a reason to skip Valentine’s Day celebrations. Moreover, it’s a great occasion to spend more time with your beloved ones, cuddle up, have fun and create unforgettable memories. Here are 10 sweet and easy ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids.