How to Effectively Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Do you know that a lot of women face postpartum depression partly because of feelings of insecurity? Just imagine how much change a woman has to experience just to successfully bring a new life to this earth. From having a smooth and flat stomach to developing stretchmarks, women experience all these for the sake of love for a little soul.

Healthy Dessert Recipes to Bake With Kids

In the recent blog post, I introduced a list of games and activities you can do with kids during isolation. As one of the activities, I mentioned that you can bake with kids. Today I want you to share with you some easy and healthy recipes to bake with kids.

10 fun STAY AT HOME games and activities for kids

The coronavirus outbreak has led to calls for all schools and nurseries to temporarily close. But while a shutdown could help control the spread of the virus, parents may struggle to keep their energetic little ones entertained while stuck at home. Children play not only for fun, but it also helps them to develop their individuality…

Why Parents Should Learn to Develop a Detective’s Eyes

Do you believe that parents cannot simply be just parents? The journey to parenting requires wearing of many hats. Sometimes we act as nurses, other times we transform into clowns. There are also times when we become their teachers and moments when we turn into their best friends. But do you know one of the…