How to Choose the Best Toys for Children: 4 to 5 Years Old

How time has been so fast, right? Imagine, we are now down to our last article in the series of choosing the best toys for children! I hope that the articles have helped you a lot in terms choosing which toys to buy so that you can maximize your child’s developmental years and harness their potentials through play.

Here are some of the best toys for children ages 4 to 5 years old:

1. Wooden Barn and Animal Figures for Meaningful World Connection

Your children’s development is not just about memorization of the alphabet, singing of song lyrics, performance of certain tasks, or whatever. Your children’s development also includes their connection to the real world that involves humans, natural beings, and even their artificial surroundings.

You can introduce concern for animals by giving them wooden barns with animal figures. With this, they will not only learn about animal names, but may also start to have love and concern for them. This is also a great chance for you to let them appreciate the work of farmers and animal care specialists.

2. Science Laboratory Playset for Promoting Love for Developing New Things 

Not everyone could be scientists, but anyone can learn the thinking processes of scientists. If you want to raise an inquisitive child who questions things around her, then expose her to toys that will develop such curiosities. Encourage her love for learning and boost her desire to develop new things.

3. Kiddie Jewellery Bead and String Sets for Creativity and Individuality

Who doesn’t love ornaments? But do you know that letting your child learn how to make her own jewellery isn’t just about fashion and aesthetics? Allowing your child to have her own kiddie jewellery creation will help her become more creative, resourceful, and dexterous.

Another way to benefit from the bead and string set is by emphasizing her unique desires. Invite some kids over to your house so they can have a jewellery-making session. Do not interfere with their activity and allow them to choose and put together pieces according to their individual liking. After they all finish, let them see each others’ work and emphasize their own uniqueness and individual preferences.

4. Phonetic Reading Blocks to Develop Reading Skills

Generally, the ability to read happens when children reach the age of four. Some kids would learn it by three while others can even learn it beyond five years old. Do not be so strict when it comes to your expectations. What’s important is that you do your part in educating your child. Be patient and fun.

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And do you know a fun way to help beginning readers? It is by using phonetic reading blocks with individual letters on each side of the block. These blocks are great for practice reading of three-letter words, consonant-vowel-consonant words, and so much more. Play with real words and explore the sounds of make-believe words.

5. Indoor Teepee Tent and Outdoor Camping Tent for Promoting Imagination and Exploration through Pretend Play

Is your family always indoors or outdoors? No matter what, kiddie tents are great for children because it fosters exploration and encourages your child to enter a new imaginative dimension when going inside the tent. It will stimulate your child’s brain development as she starts to explore the possibilities. During summer days, having a camping tent outdoors will allow your child to be more involved with nature. During cool winter days, the indoor teepee tent can act as your child’s imaginative fortress to the usually boring days of winter and transform them into fun times for play.

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