How to Choose the Best Toys for Children 12 to 18 Months

How do you call your child by the time that she reaches the age of 1? An infant or a toddler? Infancy is from birth to first year while toddler years cover from 12 to 36 months of age. Actually, your one-year-old can simply be called as a baby and that wouldn’t cause much of a problem. However, you will notice that most toys in the market only provide labels for newborns, infants, or toddlers. So how do you choose which toys among those for infants and toddlers are best for babies 12 to 18 months? Let this be a guide to your toy shopping!

 Large Non-Toxic Crayons to Promote Creativity and Introduce Art

We neither expect our 1-year-old babies to be able to draw clear figures nor be able to color within the lines. But why would we want to give them crayons?
Giving them large and non-toxic crayons at the age of one isn’t about fulfilling our expectations of aesthetic perfection. Instead, it is merely to promote a sense of creativity on our children and also to introduce the concept of art to them. Letting them randomly use these crayons will allow them to develop an understanding of the differences in colors and hues, movements and lines, and so much more. Just be sure that you pick large and non-toxic crayons from the bookstore because little crayons may be choking hazards.

Watering Cans for Sharing Environmental Awareness and Teaching Responsibility


There are a lot of watering cans in the market but we’d like to get our babies the small and colorful ones. Bring your baby to the backyard, let her observe how you take care of the plants, and offer her a watering can to hold. As she pours water onto the greens in your garden, verbally express your happiness for her love of the environment and acknowledge her effort to lend a helping hand.


Wooden Shape Puzzle for Cognitive Development

Wooden shape puzzles and sorters are great for the promotion of cognitive development among babies. Remember to choose a puzzle that is made of wood and which consists of only four different shapes. This can help your baby develop her motor skills, allow her to identify shapes, and even differentiate between colors for an effective cognitive boost.

Age-Appropriate Children’s Furniture for Study and Play

Investing in good quality and aesthetically designed kiddie table and chair will not only provide maximum returns to your child’s development but also to your total experience as a parent as well. Having a beautifully crafted pint-sized table and chair for your baby will allow her to focus on her artwork, teach her independence, and also encourage her to learn about numbers, alphabets, colors, and more. There are a lot of good designs for kiddie furniture out there, and you simply have to choose which ones would go well with your interiors. Having a set of beautiful kiddie furniture will surely free you from annoying clutter.

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