How to Choose the Best Toys for Children: Six Months to One Year

1.Stacking Cups

Once your baby turns six months old, she will be much more indulged into the exploration of her motor skills. And toys for children are perfect for it. What’s so beautiful with stacking cups is that they are not merely for the development of your baby’s motor skills but also for the stimulation of her brain function, creativity, visual perception, and cognitive skills.

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If you are wondering whether or not the stacking cups can be handled by the little fingers of your precious baby, worry not because you can still use the stacking cups for your bonding activity. During playtime, place the stacking cups on the mat and let her observe how you do it yourself. Seeing you stack the colorful cups will surely make her more curious about the color and strategic method of putting them up together. You might just be surprised one day that she can already work on the stacks herself!

2. Bath Time Floaters and Rubber Duckies

Don’t babies just love bath time? But in case you are having difficulty bathing your baby, then these can help you ease the process.

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Although bath time may seem to be just a simple routine of your daily life, know that it can actually provide developmental benefits to your child’s emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing. Since bathing requires much physical contact, it helps build trust and confidence between the child and parent (or caretaker). Bath times also offer an opportunity for infants to learn about their body parts. As you clean each part of her body, make sure that you verbalize what you are doing to help her make more sense of the activity and her own body.

The best bath time toys for children are rubber duckies. Use the rubber duckies and other floating toys to pacify a child who is not comfortable with bath times. You can also use the toys to make her happier and more comfortable with water. Demonstrate how these toys interact with water through floating and squirting and how they make cool sounds.

3. Sit to Stand Learning Walker (Push Walker)

Initially, your 6-month old baby would be spending more time crawling. However, as she moves further to her first year, she will also start to learn how to sit by herself. According to experts, babies can start sitting as early as four months and as late as nine months. Giving her a sit-to-stand learning walker is a good chance to introduce her to the concept of standing.

Best-Push-Toys-For-Babies-And-Toddlers-1-1toys for children

Even though we are not in a rush to make our little babies stand, these kinds of toys for children are very interactive because most of them have been designed to stimulate the learning capacities of babies through musical buttons, colorful shapes, and so much more.

It is ideal to put the sit-to-stand learning walker on a carpet or a play mat so that your baby could easily push it around. Most babies would start attempting to pull themselves up for standing at 10 months. Having this toy can help them learn the skill faster through a safe and fun manner.

4. Sensory Books

toys for childrenWhat are sensory books? These books are of different topics and interests but what makes them interesting is the availability of different sensorial aspects on a single book such as colorful and appealing graphics for visual development, audio buttons for cool musical playing, and textured surfaces for the discovery of the sense of touch. There are a lot of sensory books in the market and it would be best to examine the book so you may fully gauge the benefits that your child can potentially get from them.


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