Teach children how to love their siblings and friends: 4 Easy Steps

Love can naturally be felt through different life experiences and social interactions, it is also wonderful to be able to It is wonderful to be able to teach children how to love their siblings and friends. Here are 4 easy and useful tips on how you can do that in daily life.

1. Speak Your Heart Out

We often hear the cliche, “Actions speak louder than words.” But when it comes to love for our children, this may not actually be enough. Most especially when you still haven’t figured out the love language of your children, then you will have to work on the different aspects of love.


One of the most powerful ways to teach love is by letting your kids feel loved as well. And do you know one of the easiest ways to show your love? It is by being vocal about it and letting your children consistently hear expressions of love, admiration, care, and empathy.

2. Show Loving Actions

Teaching is best done by modeling. Do you know that most children effectively grasp abstract concepts by seeing them in real life? Even if love is a vague and complicated concept, our children can still understand what love is by seeing you do it.

Don’t forget to show your affection towards your children. Hug them, serve them, tell them stories, give them time, bring them to fun places, create adventures with them, and fill their memories with good times.

It would also be great if your kid can see how you treat others with kindness and generosity. Invite friends over for dinner, involve your kids in sending out invitations or gifts for the special people in your life, help people in need, and so much more.

3. Involve Your Children in Service Towards Others

Service is one of the greatest manifestations of love. Why don’t you visit your parents or in-laws and cook for them? Ask your children to help in preparing food or you can also encourage your kids to create special greeting cards for their grandparents.


If you have a baby at home, it would be nice if you can involve the older siblings in taking care of the infant. Well, they don’t need to carry the baby around their arms… Let the older siblings press the button for classical music playing, ask them to get the diapers or wipes when you are on the bed with the baby, and give them little errands to make them feel involved in childcare. The little acts of service for their sibling will help them develop great love towards each other.

4. Tell Stories About Your Own Friends 


Do you have a bedtime storytelling routine? Oh, I hope that you do! Apart from fictional stories about animals and fairy tale characters, you can also become more creative in sharing your personal experiences with your friends. Get your school yearbook, old photographs, or try to collect social media images with your friends and show them to your children. Share with them the stories behind certain activities and let them be familiar with the faces of your friends. This way, they will have an idea about how much fun it is to have other people surrounding them.

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