Learning Opportunities for Children Amidst COVID-19

Do you worry about your children’s future? Has the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly caused you to question how your children’s education would be affected by this global chaos?

Depending on where you are located, your children’s school could have already resumed or may still be closed. Since the rise and fall of the COVID-19 cases in different countries vary, each population may also be facing a different circumstance from the rest.

But do you know what is common among all of us? It is the fear that our children may be sick while interacting with other people who may be potential carriers of the virus. Despite this fear, we all want to help our children lead normal lives and continue their learning journey.

So if you are staying at home or forced to work from home while taking care of your kids, you might as well take advantage of this time together for some easy learning activities for young children. Here are new learning opportunities for children:


1. Daily virtual travels through Google Earth.


Can’t travel because of restrictions? No worries, moms and dads! You can still take your children to a virtual travel adventure by accessing Google Earth’s powerful technology that lets you visit places from anywhere in the world!

Learning Opportunities for Children

Spark your children’s curiosity about geography, culture, and tourism by having a 15-minute Google Earth travel session with your child. Explore the app and see the many wonders of this beautiful world!


2. Teaching lessons through age-appropriate chores. 


One of the most amazing lessons that you could teach your children while they are stuck at home is life skills.

Woman with child Learning Opportunities for Children

Do you know that even children as young as two years old can already do some household chores? Yup. Do not limit your children’s capacity to do something for others. Explore age-appropropriate tasks such as the following:

For 2-3 years old:

  • Picking up their toys
  • Folding the laundry
  • Putting clothes in the hamper
  • Throwing trash in the garbage can

For 4-5 years old:

  • Sweeping the floor with a smaller broom
  • Matching socks and keeping them in the cabinet
  • Making the bed early in the morning
  • Organizing groceries in the shelves

3. Promotion of scientific discovery and environmental advocacy through gardening. 


Having a backyard to plant vegetables or fruit-bearing ones can be an insightful learning activity for your children. Through this, you can teach them about life and their own personality.

Let them understand the importance of balance – the right amount of sunlight, water, and nourishment for healthy growth. Teach them about patience – the need to wait for the right time to harvest.

girl flowers in the garden Learning Opportunities for Children

Correlate these activities and insights with their own personality so that it wouldn’t be just a scientific and environmental learning opportunity but also a character building activity.

4. Cook healthy meals and prepare healthy snacks. 

Those who used to eat out have learned to adapt to the new beautiful normal of preparing their own meals at home. Involve your children in the preparation so that they could also learn about the power of choice.

mother with daughter in the kitchen Learning Opportunities for Children

Be able to let them understand the need for smart choices when it comes to picking the right food options. Allow them to become creative in the process. Lastly, let them know that it’s okay to ask for help if they cannot perform certain tasks during the cooking activity.

Remember, learning isn’t just confined in the classroom. Know that you can help your children grow in mind, body, and heart through the right intervention with these new learning opportunities for children.

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