Tips to Protect Your Children From the Pandemic

Parents are now more scared for their children because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We know how the virus can easily spread from one person to another or through droplets on surfaces. Although it is the senior population who are gravely affected by the coronavirus complications, still there are accounts of children having tested positive for it.

So how do we keep our children from contracting the disease? Is there any way for them not to catch the virus? Here are some tips to help our children in these trying times:

1. Keep them hydrated. 

Pandemic drink water kid

Although there is no scientific evidence that drinking water alone can prevent you from getting the novel coronavirus, it is still a wise move from parents to let their children stay hydrated. Why? Drinking sufficient amounts of water in a day can boost the immune system of your kids. Cells need enough oxygen to function at their full capacity, and drinking water actually helps oxygenate our cells. Hydration can also regulate our children’s body temperature.

2. Teach proper hand washing. 

Does your toddler know how to wash her hands? How about your preschool children? Or if they do know how to wash hands, are they doing it properly?

Pandemic wash hands

This is the right time to let them know how to wash their hands properly. According to health experts, we should be washing our hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. You can actually make the handwashing process fun by singing a song while doing it!

3. Prepare healthy meals and snacks. 

If you are in a lockdown or home quarantine, it can be difficult to frequently visit grocery shops to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. It is advised to get fruits and veggies that do not spoil easily so that you can store them in the fridge for a long time. Apples and oranges are among the best choices for fruits because they can last long in the fridge plus they have great amounts of Vitamin C.

food for Pandemic covid 19

You should also be more careful when giving snacks to your children while in a community quarantine or lockdown. Fill your pantry with good snacks. If you can stay away from junk food first, then it would be best because junk food can lower your children’s immune system. Be more creative in your snack options.

4. Delay certain activities in public and stay at home. 

If your state has not yet declared a lockdown, then you should also practice prevention through physical distancing from other people. It would be best to delay certain gatherings or activities that are supposedly done with other people.

5. Let them sleep early. 


Quality sleep can boost your children’s immune system which is important to fight off bacteria and viruses.

6. Know the early signs and symptoms of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Pandemic symptoms

Although we don’t want our children to ever catch the virus, we have to prepare our minds so we can be ready if the worst happens. Early detection is key to the recovery from the coronavirus disease. We cannot afford to neglect the symptoms, that’s why we should have the knowledge about the early signs such as cough, fever, rapid breathing, diarrhea, and dehydration, among others. Keep your pediatrician’s number so that you can call the doctor immediately for health concerns. Save emergency numbers as well such as the nearest hospital’s telephone number.

7. Protect ourselves as parents. 

Whatever you do as a parent can also affect the well-being of your kids. Practice the recommendations of the World Health Organization and your national health agencies regarding pandemic.

This pandemic may cause us to fear about the future, but know that we can do something to protect ourselves and our children to have a healthy and normal life for the days to come.

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