Tips to Put Baby to Sleep without Crying

Most parents, guardians, and babysitters find it difficult to put a baby to sleep without crying at all. What if you have a very active little one who just can’t seem to be stopped gazing her eyes on everything around her? What if your baby always seems to be fidgety even when you are already snuggled next to her? Or even you are already swaying her to the soft beat of classical music?

We understand your baby’s sleeping woes, and we’d love to help you manage your little one’s sleeping habits. Here are some tips on getting your baby to sleep without crying:

1. Be strategic in the use of artificial and natural lighting.

You have to know that light has a very crucial effect on the ability of humans to feel either energized or drowsy. Even for babies, light can be a powerful sleep stimulator.


To help establish your baby’s sleep routine, you must be able to let her see more natural light during daytime. This could boost her senses to be more active during the day where she can utilize all her stored energy for play, parent-and-child bonding, and music. At night, it is recommended to use less of artificial blue lights. Studies prove that they reduce melatonin production which is very important for sleep promotion.

2. Use the correct body signals.

little baby sleep without crying

If you are breastfeeding your child to sleep or if you are a babysitter who uses the swaying method, you have to prevent direct eye contact with the baby during the process. Try looking at your baby directly in the eyes and you will surely notice that she reacts very actively and excitedly on a simple look. This is the very reason why you should be preventing such body signal. Know that babies can interpret the eye contact as playtime and thereby lose your chance to easily bring her to sleep.

3. Allow dream feeding.

Most babies would suddenly wake up in the wee hours of the night when they get hungry. It is recommended that you choose to dream feed the baby instead of waiting for her to get hungry before feeding. But what exactly is dream feeding?

Dream feeding is the process of allowing your baby to feed while he is still asleep. This trick has been proven to lengthen the sleeping hours of babies. It even cause better and brighter moods upon waking up. You can do this by gently lifting up your baby from the bed, nudging her lips with your nipple or her bottle nipple, and waiting for her to latch on. Remember to still maintain a dark environment or keep your room lights dimmed when doing this.

4. Choose a high-quality diaper.

sleep without crying diaper

Diaper commercials may actually be true to their claims that choosing the right diaper can help promote good sleep for babies. Most babies would not be able to sleep well if they feel discomfort because of soiled and wet diapers.

5. Play classical music for sleep without crying.

baby boy with headphone sleep without crying

Have you heard of the Mozart effect? This phenomenon has been discovered by a group of scientists. They found the wonderful benefits of listening to classical music in terms of memory enhancement, cognitive development, and emotional calming effect. It has also been recognized that classical music has generally helped soothe crying babies which led them to have sweeter slumbers.

Putting babies to sleep without crying is definitely possible. You just have to try different techniques according to the character of your child. But what’s most important is that you practice patience when putting your baby to slumber.

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