Tips to Make Things Normal for Our Children Despite the COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic, parents all over the world are worried. Although the gravity of the pandemic varies in different countries, there are still a significant number of families who are faced with the problem of disruption. 

One of the most hurtful disruptions caused by this pandemic is the change in the normal routine of our children. Some kids are forced to go out of school because schools are closing. Even social interactions like playdates with friends are stopped because of fear that kids might catch the virus.

So how do we deal with these kinds of disruption in our children’s lives? What can we do to help them still live a normal life? Here are some tips to help our children live normal lives despite the pandemic:

1. Do not panic and set an example of how to deal with COVID-19 crises.

This is not the first crisis that your children will ever encounter. Set the right example. Do not show them that panicking is the best response to crises. Never! Be able to let them know how to be composed and wise in response even in the most depressing times. 

2. Make your home conducive to learning and set a predictable routine. 

Is your city or country among those implementing lockdown or quarantine because of COVID-19? Has your child’s school shut down at the moment? If you are afraid that this might compromise your child’s learning development, know that you can actually do something. 

Preschoolers can still learn so many things while staying at home. Well, that would also depend on how you will handle the situation. So how do you make your home conducive to learning?

 It would be nice if your children can have a sense of predictability when it comes to their daily schedule. Some psychologists advise that you set a schedule for play, for learning, for family time, for chores, and for free time.

3. Communicate the truth about the situation in a light manner. 

Our children are thinking humans. They could sense if there is something wrong in their environment. If they start to question you why, all of a sudden, they can’t go to school or play with their neighbors, then you have to take this opportunity to share with them the truth while also offering them with some valuable lessons. 

Why don’t you share a story with them about how viruses, bacteria, and germs can affect humans? Why don’t you take advantage of this situation to make them learn more about science? 

4. Give them more time – physical affection and quality time are best defenses to a COVID-19 crisis. 

A lot of people have claimed that this pandemic is giving us a message to start slowing down. We shouldn’t always be in constant chase for money or for material success. This is just the right time to give our children more time and attention that they could have all been longing for. What is more calming in this time of crisis than a hug and kiss from parents, right? 

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