How to Effectively Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Do you know that a lot of women face postpartum depression partly because of feelings of insecurity? Just imagine how much change a woman has to experience just to successfully bring a new life to this earth. From lose weight after giving birth, having a smooth and flat stomach to developing stretchmarks, women experience all these for the sake of love for a little soul.

There is no need to feel frustrated over these negative physical changes. Some things may not be entirely reversed such as your skin’s firmness, but the additional weight that you have gained during the entire pregnancy journey can still be removed! Let us help you get on the right track again and start shedding off those unwanted fats. Here are ways to lose weight after giving birth:

1. Breastfeed


A couple of studies have already proven the wonderful effects of breastfeeding not just on babies but also to mothers. Do you know that breastfeeding can actually help moms recover fast from their operation? That’s primarily because of the oxytocin secreted whenever the baby latches and nurses from the mom’s nipple. The act of nursing makes the uterus contract, thus helping the uterus return back to its normal size.

Breastfeeding also allows moms to burn a significant amount of calories. It’s like taking a few minutes of run on the treadmill when you breastfeed. Just let your babies suck your nipple and get nutrients and immune protection from your milk as you harvest the benefits of losing weight. How interesting that sounds, right?

2. Prevent Extreme Diet Plans

Even when you already feel stuck and ugly for having all those belly fats, please do not ever consider trying out the extreme diet plans such as fasting. Those who have just given birth experience a lot of hormonal changes. Following an extreme diet plan can only intensify the emotional depression that you may feel because of unmet cravings.


Just stick to an eating principle that is healthy and balanced. By making sure that your meals are not that heavy and filled with nutrients, then you could have the necessary energy to sustain your new journey to motherhood. Remember that your child ultimately needs a mom who can take care of her when she cries in the middle of the night. That would be very difficult to do when you are physically down and emotionally weary because of negative diet routines.

3. Move Your Body

Having a baby makes exercise routines a lot more exciting and interesting. Although you may initially feel challenged because of the increased attention needed for the baby, you will eventually discover ways to incorporate physical movements while handling the little one.

Young mother walking with baby carriage in park

You can actually get on a morning walk with your baby on his or her stroller. You may also carry your little angel on your arms and sway her while listening to your favorite classical music. Even while your newborn is asleep, you can get on your yoga mat and do some meditative exercises. Remember, your little one will sleep most of his hours on the first few months of existence. Take advantage of this and get your body moving!

Ultimately, it is important to give yourself time to recover. Your body has undergone a lot of challenges during the entire pregnancy journey. Do not be anxious about your physical appearance. Time passes by so fast. Make sure that you build precious moments with your baby with pure happiness.

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