Why Parents Should Learn to Develop a Detective’s Eyes

Do you believe that parents cannot simply be just parents? The journey to parenting requires wearing of many hats. Sometimes we act as nurses, other times we transform into clowns. There are also times when we become their teachers and moments when we turn into their best friends. But do you know one of the roles that we should also learn to become? It’s being a detective! And developing a detective’s eyes.

Being a detective parent isn’t a popular concept most especially for parents of toddlers and preschool children. Perhaps, parents of teenagers can mostly relate to this most especially when their teenage kids start to rebel or do their own stuff. But then, developing a detective’s eyes during the early years of your children’s formation can be highly beneficial for them. Here are some of the reasons why you should be developing a detective’s eyes:

1. To Learn About Your Children’s Weaknesses and Help Them Conquer These

A detective’s eyes are always active, always looking for even the smallest details. When you are a parent, you need to be aware of your children’s behavioral responses and social interactions. Having a detective’s eyes will give you a better understanding of your children’s development. Intentional observation will allow you to address certain issues at an early stage and provide the right intervention.

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A study published online by the Pediatrics journal has revealed that early intervention programs for very young children with autism are effective for improving their IQ, language ability, and social interaction. Such therapeutic interventions may not be successfully done at an early stage if not for the observation of their parents.

Another example in the importance of having a detective’s eyes is addressing certain behavioral patterns that may not be socially acceptable when they grow up. Each kid is different, with minds and hearts wired differently. To be able to raise children who will not be problems in our society but will contribute to the growth of communities, we need to start teaching them at an early age.

2. To Discover About Your Children’s Strengths and Allow Them to Grow Even Further 

Each person in this world cannot be the same as everybody else. A lot of parents become disappointed when their toddlers fail to learn the alphabet when most of their friends’ children have easily memorized the ABCs upon turning two years old. There are also times when parents question the abilities of their children in certain areas of development while failing to notice their unique capabilities in other aspects.

By having a detective’s eyes, you will be more knowledgeable about your children’s strengths. This will help you appreciate the unique personality of your children and give you the chance to hone such talents. Once you have discovered their strengths, it will also be easier for you to give them motivation.

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Remember, your words of encouragement and praise can cause wonders to your children. It will give them the right motivation to continue exploring their talent until it becomes a beautiful craft.

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