How to Energize and Keep Fit During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most celebrated milestones of every woman. However, the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy bring out negative effects such as a decrease in energy levels, feelings of fatigue, and episodes of lethargy. These problems eventually branch out to more serious health concerns such as sudden weight increase and emotional depression.

If you want to enjoy every moment of your pregnancy, know that there are wonderful ways to solve the deterioration of your health and energy levels. One of the most wonderful solutions could be the regular performance of exercise routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Here are some of the best exercises that you could perform for every trimester:

1st Trimester

Most pregnant women get advice to be extra careful during the first trimester. That’s particularly because most miscarriages happen before the 12th week. Once a woman successfully passes the first trimester, the child inside the womb starts to become more stable and capable of survival.

pregnancy yoga

It is, therefore, very important to do only mild exercises that prevent excessive backbends and strenuous physical activities. Here are the recommended exercises for the first trimester of pregnancy:

  • Yoga – This kind of exercise is great for pregnant women because it helps them regain physical strength, mental peace, emotional stability, and life balance without straining their bodies. Yoga even helps pregnant women prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure and osteoporosis.
  • Water Aerobics – Do you know that spending some time swimming can benefit you and your baby? Submerging yourself in water can provide a very relaxing feeling. Moreover, when body movements are done underwater, the impact is lessened, thus it prevents any abnormal disturbances in your belly.

2nd Trimester

Every mother should be given a big hug and warm greeting of congratulations upon reaching the second trimester of pregnancy. It is no easy feat to reach this point since a number of moms are requested to undergo bed rest or take severe precaution during the first trimester.

pilates during pregnancy

To make the pregnancy even more bearable and less stressful, women can do the following exercises for their second trimester:

  • Forward Lunges – This exercise routine involves standing with the hands on your hips. You will have to put your right leg forward and the left foot in place. Then you will need to bend your right knee until it forms a right angle. This can be done for up to 30 times with the tummy pulled in and the body relaxed. This can help strengthen the thigh muscles and improve lower back condition to carry the weight of the tummy.
  • Pilates – A lot of women have agreed that Pilates helped them gain balance throughout their pregnancy. As tummies get bigger, women usually lose the ability to balance their bodies. By doing floor exercises, the body develops the endurance that can also enhance balance.


3rd Trimester 

  • Walking – Walking is a very basic activity that shall be taken advantage of during the second trimester. Even birthing centers recognize the benefits of walking up to the last hours of pregnancy. Apart from making delivery a lot easier, walking during the earlier part of the 3rd trimester also proves to help the prevention of gestational hypertension.

walking during pregnancy

It is very important to remember to seek the advice of a health professional before doing any kind of exercise. Each pregnancy is different from another. Each woman has specific needs that must be met, thus care and caution must always be practiced during the entire period of pregnancy.


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