4 Lovely Activities with Your Children this Month of Love

Who can’t be so excited with the Valentine’s season? All over the world, we see millions of people celebrate their love through gift-giving, dinners, and other lovely activities. But do you know that February isn’t only about the romantic relationship with couples? Yes, this month is basically about love – anything about love between spouses, among family members and among other people.

But how do you intensify your children’s understanding of love? How do you make them appreciate the wonderful feeling of being loved and giving love? Here are some of the lovely activities that you can do with your kids this month of love:

1. Time is Love: An Afternoon Picnic in the Backyard

Set an afternoon picnic in your backyard this Valentine’s day. There’s no need to make it complicated. Just prepare your favorite juice and snacks and set them up in your yard. If the weather does not permit or if you have not enough space, you can simply lay a picnic mat in your living area and have a memorable picnic with the entire family!

family picnic for month of love and valentines day

Eating meals together is one of the greatest manifestations of your commitment to spend time together as  a family. For some children, time is their love language. They feel more loved when their parents give them time.

2. Generosity is Love: Flower-Giving for Friends and Relatives

girl-giving-flowers for month of love and valentines day

Together with your kids, pick up some flowers in your garden or buy single-stemmed roses for the special people in your children’s lives. If your little ones are allergic to flowers, then you can replace that with chocolates. What’s important is that you allow your children to understand one of the basic aspects of love – giving.

3. Communication is Love: A Simple Talk About Why You Love Your Kids 

Mother and little son sitting on a windowsill

During dinner or bedtime, you can set a love talk with your children. Communicate with them your feelings like how much you love them, how happy you are upon seeing them, why you love them being around you, and other stuff. Most of times, we forget to speak with our children from our hearts. We tend to regard our daily life as a mere bunch of tasks and chores. Let this month of love and Valentine’s day be an opportunity for you to have a meaningful conversation with your little one. Remember, even when your children seem not to fully comprehend what you say, all your words will still have an everlasting effect on them.

4. Effort is Love: Do Some Hearty Crafts with Your Children For the Month of Love

parents kids diy craft for month of love and valentines day

Oh, aren’t Valentine crafts timeless? Search the internet for some of the easiest and coolest DIY Valentine craft ideas such as creating a heart garland for hanging on the windows, making a heart-shaped greeting card, or baking heart-shaped cookies, and so much more. These activities will not only make your children aware about the concept of love, but will also help them have an idea about love requiring effort. At an early age, they will learn about the concept of giving their time, creativity, and effort to show love to the people most important to them.

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