Valentine’s Day With Kids?! 10 Fun Celebration Ideas

Parenthood is not a reason to skip Valentine’s Day celebrations. Moreover, it’s a great occasion to spend more time with your beloved ones, cuddle up, have fun and create unforgettable memories. Here are 10 sweet and easy ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids.

 1. Create DIY Valentines Day gifts together

Valentine’s Day is not about expensive gifts it is about love and family. Encourage your kids to create DIY themed gifts for each family member. It will help your kids to be kind and generous and to give from their hearts. Check our Pinterest board “Valentine’s Day DIY” for gift ideas :



2. Decorate

Choose a special corner and give your child the freedom to decorate it for the day. Give her/him some hints or ideas (heart garlands, stickers, balloons, toys, pillows, etc.) and let them surprise you.

3. Family date

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only about the love between you and your husband. As you’re a family, you should use the day to celebrate family love and friendship, too. So, organize a family date around a cup of hot chocolate in favorite bakery or café.

4. Create a cook together tradition

Family traditions are very important as your toddler will keep those memories for the whole life. Choose an easy snack or recipe and throw a family cook party. Need Valentine’s Day-themed snack ideas?! Here they are: (Click on pics for more)

Transform your strawberries into beautiful chocolate covered hearts in just 5 simple steps! Perfect treat for a loved one for #ValentinesDay, #MothersDay, and #Birthdays! #DIY #strawberry #valentine #chocolateChocolate Shortbread Heart Cookies on Fun and festive cookies!


Heart Pancakes for Mother's Day  Small batch cookies Dessert for Two: Red Velvet Sugar Cookies with Hearts

5. Play Games

As we previously said children learn through play. Play fun themed-games together, for example:

  • Love notes: (This is my favorite one) Write on hearts what you admire in other family members most. Sometimes we forget how important it is to express our emotions and show our family and friend how much we love them, this game is a great chance to do that.

Heart Attack Door Idea for Valentines Day

  • Musical hearts: This game will help develop your child’s motor skills and you will have so much fun.

Best Music Crafts For Toddlers Tot School 60+ Ideas

6. Make a fun photoshoot

Photography is a great way to stop the moment and keep it forever. Wear “hearty” outfits or accessories and make a sweet family photoshoot.

7. Do something that you don’t often do but your kids love that.

It can be anything, remember what they love most and surprise them.

  • Cook or order their favorite food.
  • Take them to the place they always wanted to go to.
  • Play the games they like very much.

7. Happy screen time

Take the yummy snacks, cozy blanket and join your toddler to watch a “full of LOVE” movie. Our favorites are “Wonder”, “Up”, “Ferdinand”, “Coco”.

8. Reading together

Go to the bookstore beforehand and let your child choose a book for Valentine’s Day. Reading together is always a great idea.


10. Do kindness

Children are easily impressionable and the best way to teach them kindness is to show the example. Explain to them that there are people who especially need care and attention. Take them to nearby nursing homes, food pantries and homeless shelters and hand out homemade Valentine’s Day cards or sweets. A perfect way to teach your child about love and compassion.

Image result for children visiting nursing home

And the most important tip, no matter what you would do on this special day give each other lots of hugs, kisses and CUDDLE, CUDDLE and CUDDLE!

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