Easy, Fun & Doable New Year’s Resolution for Preschoolers

New year’s resolution for preschoolers? Oh, yes, it is definitely possible! Although most parents would argue that new year’s resolutions are best for children once they reach the age of seven, there is nothing wrong in starting early, right? But how do we make it possible for children to understand the concept of committing to certain actions and behavior the entire year?

Creativity is key to making them understand. 

new years resolution idea board for preschoolers

The first tip is to become creative. If we are used to writing down our new year’s resolutions, perhaps you can change the process into a more exciting and child-friendly way. Why don’t you prepare a board in your children’s room where you can post images that are related to their new year’s resolution? Visual presentation of their new year’s resolution will not only help them remember about the list but also give them an understanding of the very concept of making goals for the year.

Recognition is a sure way to keep them going. 

new years resolution for preschoolers gifts

The second tip for keeping up with new year’s resolution for preschoolers would be to create a way by which they would be recognized. If you decide to use a board of new year’s resolution images, then perhaps you can also include a table or box below each image that would allow your children to check them when they have accomplished it. This way, you can also track your children’s progress and be able to offer rightful recognition for the accomplishment.

Well, here are some easy, fun, and extremely doable new year’s resolutions for children ages four to five:

Resolution #1 Kiddie Version: Clean up toys after each use. 

Adult Version: Be more organized.

cleaning up toys / new years resolution for preschoolers

If you were to relate this resolution to yourself as an adult, it would have a deeper meaning of finding harmony to your space. But then, your preschoolers are young enough to understand such a vague concept. Letting them have the resolve to clean up their toys after each use would give them a greater sense of responsibility.

Resolution #2 Kiddie Version: Wash hands before meals and after bathroom use. 

Adult Version: Keeping health at its optimum condition. 

new year resolutions for preschoolers

Oh, since when has washing hands been related to health? We must know that a lot of children’s diseases are due to germs, virus, and bacteria so it is important for them to instill cleanliness at an early age. This will help them easily understand and accept the importance of being clean, healthy, and free from sickness.

Resolution #3 Kiddie Version: Saying sorry when they hurt or offended others.

Adult Version: Embodying humility and maintaining peace. 

new year resolution for preschoolers

One of the most difficult concepts to let children understand is humility. Most kids would resist to say sorry when they hurt others. Let your children be willing to admit their mistakes so they may bring this humble attitude as they grow up. Eventually, they will reap the reward of living a peaceful life with happy relationships with families, friends, and our society.

Resolution #4 Kiddie Version: Listen to bedtime stories every night. 

Adult Version: Keep healthy sleeping habits.

starting-bedtime-routine-for-big-kids-new years resolution ideas

The concept of sleep may not be friendly among children. Instead of letting them have the resolve to sleep early at night, you can be more creative by emphasizing bedtime stories instead. This way, they can look forward to your night routines. This could also work well for you as a parent because you will be forced to spend meaningful time with your kids before they go to sleep!

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