Top 3 Most Achievable New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Parents

Few weeks have passed since the first day of the new year but a lot of us still haven’t decided what resolutions to pursue to become a better mom or dad and have a happier parenting experience this 2020. Here are some of the most achievable new year’s resolution ideas for parents that you may want to consider in 2020:

1. Put down the smartphone during specific times of the day: upon waking up, during meal times and at bedtime. 

What’s the first thing that you try to grab upon waking up? For most of us, it would be our smartphones. Do you know how using smartphones early in the morning can disrupt our routine and destroy our focus? I urge you to forget about your phone upon waking up in order to focus on the more important things like your time for devotion, meditation, and exercise.


This year, transform your meal times into a sacred routine for your family. Remember, meal times present some of the best opportunities for meaningful conversations with your spouse and kids. Even bedtimes have to be dedicated for storytelling and intimate moments with children. These simple changes in your smartphone habit can surely create a positive effect on your parenting journey that can ripple to your children’s overall development.

2. Lessen the talk and focus more on listening. 


Not all talks are heard, not all words should be uttered. There are times when your children simply need you to listen to them. No matter how little or seemingly trifle their stories may be, just have the resolve to listen to them. Instead of always nagging about certain things or scolding your children for certain behaviors, why don’t you encourage them to share why they have done certain things or how they felt about having behaved the way they did? Ask questions like:

“What were you feeling when you shouted at your brother?”

“What do you love about your toys?”

“How do you think could you ask forgiveness from your friend? What can you do to make her happy?”

“What made you cry earlier this day? What upset you?”

Listening to your children’s answers to such questions will reveal much about their personality and feelings. This will help you modify your approach in order to prevent them from being emotionally hurt and to help them boost their strengths.

3. Set family bonding schedules for the activities that you love most. 

Even if you are a family, you surely have individual schedules as well. Your spouse would have work to do, you have a career to pursue, and your children would also have their own time for rest. So how do you manage to put everybody together? This 2020, creating a family bonding schedule could work best because it will help establish a routine that all of you would be looking forward to.


You could set Saturday mornings for a regular walk in the park or Saturday evenings as movie nights. You may also set Sundays for lunch gatherings with relatives or Sunday afternoon for basketball or football activities. Whatever it is that you love to do, just explore them with your family.

These are only three New Year’s Resolution ideas for parents that you could commit yourself. Be creative in setting your own resolutions to become a better parent. Although days have already passed since the beginning of the year, you can still start your journey to betterment!

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