How to Have a Happier Parenting Journey this 2020

The busy season of the holidays has just passed, and we are now facing a new year that is full of hope for new beginnings and brighter days. For most people, the new year brings a wonderful opportunity to make things better than before. That’s the very reason why most of us would have new year’s resolutions. As parents, don’t we just wish to have a happier and less stressful parenting journey this 2020?

Having our own new year’s parenting resolutions can help. But before finalizing your new year’s resolution, I urge you to have a mental transformation and a change of perspective. Follow some of these tips to have a more meaningful and more joyful parenting experience this year:

1. Remember and treasure your 2019 memories as moms and dads. 

“Forget the past” shall never be your mantra. No matter how chaotic your family life may have been or how your children have frequently misbehaved in the past year, 2019 should still be treasured not just as a part of your memories but also as part of your growth journey towards becoming a better person who is able to love unconditionally.

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By remembering every moment of your parenting journey in 2019, you could become a more grateful person and have the ability to face 2020 with full confidence that you will be able to overcome whatever problem the year may bring. If you have survived the weeks or months of sleepless nights in 2019 taking care of your baby, don’t you think you now have a stronger physical endurance to survive the entire year with a more active toddler? If you have been patient enough with all the tantrums that your toddler has thrown last year, don’t you think you have now gained a better understanding of your child’s personality to be able to to enforce gentle and positive discipline?

Embrace your 2019 memories. Treasure the connection that has been formed between you and your children. Acknowledge how your parenting struggles have made you a better person today.

2. Accept the fact that you can never be a perfect parent. But embrace the idea that you can be a better parent every single day. 


Perfection in parenting is an impossible standard to achieve. If it has always been your goal to be a perfect parent, then you have to understand that you could only be set for failure. Each culture would value one parenting style over another. Even people belonging in the same society can have different expectations and standards when it comes to the best parenting techniques.

Although you may never possibly be a perfect parent, still there is no reason to be frustrated. Know that every single hour or day is an opportunity to become a better parent.

3. Recognize that time is passing, and appreciate the beauty of today. 

Annoyed by your children’s constant need for your time? Tired of your children’s need for assistance during meal times? Losing hope for your own career because of the demands of parenting? Your children will soon grow up, and all those will pass. Soon, you will no longer have a little human being to carry or chase around.

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Time can run so fast and unnoticeable. You will just be caught one day missing those times that you are still needed by your children for the small and mundane things that you are now complaining about.

This 2020 is a chance to change your perspective in parenting. Remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime journey, and make sure that you make it meaningful, happy, and worth remembering!

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