Make Christmas Delicious with These Easy Holiday Food Ideas for Kids!

Christmas is indeed a time for celebration! It is among the most special events that our kids will remember until they grow old. But how do we make this celebration more remarkable? One of the coolest and most exciting ways is by incorporating the Christmas theme into our holiday food preparation.

Here are some of the holiday food ideas that you can do with the kids:

1. Have a Strawberry Santa Claus for Your Christmas Eve Dessert or Holiday Snacks


Image from: Leanne Bakes

These strawberry Santa Claus holiday food idea was conceptualized by the blogger, Leanne Bakes.

Preparing it is super simple since you will need only three ingredients: fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles.

There are no complicated steps involved because you will simply have to clean the strawberries, squeeze some whipped cream over them, cut some of the strawberries into cone shapes for the Santa Claus hat, and decorate using the chocolate sprinkles.

2. Have a Merry Breakfast with a Santa Toast


Image from: Little Food Junction

 This Santa Toast for breakfast was conceptualized by Little Food Junction.

 Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day that’s why you have to make sure that your kids’ Christmas breakfast will be hearty and full of nutrients. What’s so good with this Santa Toast is that it looks so good and very healthy!

Just decorate your ingredients (banana slices, blueberries, strawberries, and bread) into a Santa Claus face and your kids will surely have so much fun in the morning!

4. Have an Excitingly Sweet Treat with a Reindeer Bottle of Chocolates


Image from: SeeVanessaCraft

 This super cute and adorable idea came from Vanessa of Sea Vanessa Craft.

 What is great with this Holiday snacking idea is that it can actually turn out to be a fun crafts day for everyone at home! It can even help you promote sustainability and environmental consciousness with your children.

Don’t forget to save your empty frappuccino or milk bottles then clean them up. Use a glue gun to decorate your bottle with googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and red paper.

Toss in some of your favorite chocolate balls and enjoy with everyone! You can have a couple of this most especially during the Christmas Eve or a Christmas party with your friends and family.

4. Bring the Christmas Tree to Your Table with a Fruit or Bread Tree Platter


Image from: Desire Empire


Image from: Desire Empire

 The idea of having a Christmas tree platter of fruits or bread came from Desire Empire.

Have you had the chance to explain to your little kids where the tradition of Christmas tree building has come from? One of the beautiful ways to intensify their curiosity about Christmas trees is by having the tree served on the table! You can have an option to use any food for as long as you can creatively shape and decorate them into a Christmas tree. The Kiwi fruit can be a perfect filler for the tree because of its vibrant green color. Just add some pops of red by adding strawberries or cherries for added beauty. Instead of fruits, you can also have triangle-shaped bread on the platter and decorate them with candy sprinkles.

Holidays can be more fun when you eat together as a family. Let this Christmas be more meaningful with your creative food preparation!

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