4 Ways to Make Christmas More Meaningful to Your Preschoolers

Christmas celebrations can be most exciting when you have preschoolers at home. As soon as your children reach the ages of three and four, they start to make more sense of special events like Christmas. It is during this stage when kids can be most excited about the thought of receiving gifts and putting up decors. But how do you make Christmas and the Holidays more meaningful to your children?

1. Tell them stories about the origin of Christmas and other tales about this special celebration.

For any celebration to be more meaningful, your kids would have to know the reason behind it. Why is there Christmas? Why are we putting up Christmas trees? Why are people receiving gifts? Why do they dress up in a special way?

Mother with daughter reading book by christmas tree

In order to share the message of Christmas more effectively to your children, you need to be creative. Maybe you can gather your children together with their cousins, friends, and neighbors for a fun story-telling session at home. For every single night in the month of December, you can also tell one Christmas story or rhyme at bedtime.

2. Watch Christmas movies together as a family.


There are a lot of films that are about Christmas! Wouldn’t this season be the best opportunity for your family to come together in your entertainment room? Have a bowl of your favorite child-friendly snacks and simply enjoy the special bonding moment of watching beautiful Christmas-themed films. Most kids are visual learners. They can effectively relate to the characters they watch in movies.


3. Don’t let the celebration center around them.

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We are celebrating the holidays not merely for the sake of our children nor ourselves. The spirit of Christmas is not about receiving gifts. Instead, it is about sharing joy, love, and generosity to other people. How do you do this?

The perfect way to let your children know that the Holidays should be a time for giving is by involving them in the gift-buying and gift-giving process. Sit down on the couch with your little children and start listing down names of people whom you want to give presents to. Doing this can help your children develop their own sense of generosity and understand that it is cool and fun to be sharing stuff with other people.

4. Involve your children in outreach activities.

Giving gifts to our friends, neighbors, and family members can be a very normal thing during Christmas. But wouldn’t it be more meaningful if your children would start to develop empathy towards other people most especially those who are facing difficult situations in life?


If you don’t know where to start, you can begin looking at the streets or the neighborhood. For every weekend of December, why not schedule an hour to deliver special meals to homeless people? If that seems challenging, you may also contact orphanages or foundations and ask how you can help with their Christmas celebrations. If possible, contact all your friends and organize a children’s party for kids who have been abandoned by their parents.

Christmas is a beautiful celebration that we can use to mold our kids to becoming persons who will positively contribute to our society in the future. Don’t let the Holidays pass without ever letting your children learn the special values of love, joy, and generosity.

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