How to Choose the Best Toys for Children: 18 to 24 Months

As soon as your child reaches her toddler years, you will be surprised by how much she can create beautiful imaginations in her mind that display creativity and ingenuity. To choose the best toys for children between 18 and 24 months, make sure that they are designed to promote resourcefulness, independence, creativity, and focus.

Here are some of the best toys that you can give your children from 18 to 24 months:

1. Miniature Kitchen to Encourage Imagination and Independence 

Maybe some of you would argue that kitchen toys are not appropriate for boys. But do we only have female chefs? Remember that most of the activities and professions in this time and age are no longer limited by gender. We must be careful in stopping our children from developing their imagination just because of gender stereotypes that extend to our options for their toys.


Having a miniature kitchen set up in your child’s playroom or right in your kitchen area will help your child put into practice what she gets to observe. This would not only promote imagination and creativity but also provide a good foundation for your child’s understanding of the world’s realities – that soon, she would also have to do things by herself to survive.

2. Tiny Broom and Cleaning Equipment for Promoting Responsibility through Pretend Play 

Wouldn’t it be so cute to see your child sweeping the floor or dusting the surfaces? Well, these activities are not only cute for children but they are also developmentally wonderful for their character. There are a lot of children who abhor household chores. They think of responsibilities as punishments.

As parents, we need to let our children understand that household chores are part of our lives. By involving them in the process of cleaning the house, we normalize the act of cleaning and we essentially include it as part of their routine. There is no need to expect our toddlers to perfectly sweep the floor. Never prevent them from doing household chores just because they might worsen our house’s situation. Let them learn by constantly doing.


3. Puzzles for Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

jigsaw puzzle

Aren’t puzzles too early for your toddler? Well, it all depends on the complexity of the puzzle that you will choose! For your toddler, you can start with a cute and colorful 4-piece puzzle. Give her a couple of these puzzles before jumping into more pieces. This will help develop her ability to solve problems and think strategically.

4. Large Paper and Washable Paint


The artistic prowess of your child will only be unleashed with the right guidance and encouragement from you. Allow her to get dirty. Let her imagination run wild and free. Let her express herself through different hand strokes and colors.

5. A Small and Soft Ball for Hand and Eye Coordination

What do you think about when you see a ball? Play? Though balls are primarily for playing, they also have a developmental role in the lives of our children. To be able to throw and catch a ball is indeed a milestone when it comes to hand and eye coordination of children!

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