Becoming Your Own Child’s Tooth Fairy

Who gets excited and delighted when they hear the word fairy? Children, you would say… But believe it or not, even adults have an unexplainable fascination with fairies. What if I tell you that you can become your own child’s tooth fairy? Sounds funny?

Tooth care has almost always been a very serious concept among parents. Even for some, tooth care seems to be a dreadful thing in the parenting world.

What if I tell you again that by becoming your child’s tooth fairy, you can actually make tooth care a lot more fun and less stressful?

So how do we start the process of transforming from an ordinary parent to a stress-free and happy tooth fairy?

1. You will need to place yourself in the position of your child’s tooth fairy.


Do this by conditioning your mind that you want tooth care to be as magical as it can be. Remind yourself of your huge responsibility to prevent your child from experiencing a horrible toothache. Imagine the time when you last had a terrible pain because of tooth cavities. Would you dare let your child experience the same?

2. Embody the values of a tooth fairy and be familiar with the tooth kingdom.

If you are interested in acting like a real tooth fairy, then you better understand the rules in the tooth kingdom.

First Rule: A lovely tooth fairy makes brushing fun.


Second Rule: A devoted tooth fairy is patient even when the child resists brushing.

Third Rule: A knowledgeable tooth fairy knows when a child is about to experience pain. She will notice the following symptoms:

  • White spots are beginning to form on the tooth that is infected. This is a sign that the tooth enamel is about to break down.
  • An area of the tooth has a light brown color. This is a sign that the child has an early tooth cavity.
  • The tooth shows dark brown and black color when the cavity is deep. This can already be painful and highly sensitive.
  • The kid expresses discomfort when having hot or cold drinks or eating sweets. This is a sign of extreme sensitivity.

Fourth Rule: A great tooth fairy is friendly. She does not harbor the fear of dentists and dental procedures but tells good stories about them.

3. Introduce yourself as a tooth fairy to your little child.

397212-PCJ0NX-30A little role-playing surely wouldn’t hurt your image as a mom. As a matter of fact, by transforming into a tooth fairy once in a while, you can make brushing teeth as a fun and exciting routine that is worth looking forward to.

But how do you do this? You can decide to be a tooth fairy once a week or even every night depending on your schedule. There is no need to put on any elaborate costume – unless you want to. All you need to do is create an entirely imaginary world by acting out certain fairy expressions, holding the toothbrush like it is your wand, and uttering words similar to this: “Oh little child, little child, here is your tooth fairy. Want to experience the magical world of clean teeth?” Use your creativity and it will surely do wonders.

Becoming your child’s tooth fairy is a fun job. You will have to be dedicated to make sure that your child would have the happiest moments of her childhood without the unnecessary pain of tooth decay. Now go spread some magic.

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