Sunny Days & Swimming Times: 4 Ways to Protect Your Children from Drowning

Yah! It’s the summer season and it’s the best time to have some water adventures! But wait, do you know that there are about ten people who die from accidental drowning every single day? And 20% of these are children ages 14 and below. How devastating, right?

But let us not dwell on these unfortunate circumstances. Let’s learn to better prepare ourselves for a safe yet super fun swimming adventure with the entire family!

So here are the top four ways that you can make sure that your children are safe from drowning:

1.Create Physical and Conceptual Barriers


If you have put up an inflatable pool in your backyard or if you have constructed a swimming area in your property, then you better install four-sided isolation fences and barriers to prevent sudden jumping and diving of your kids into the pool.

Apart from physical barriers, I would also urge you to create a conceptual barrier. But what exactly is it? Well, consider it as an imaginary “No” signage. It is an understanding between you and your child that pools are not to be immediately jumped into. Let your child know that swimming into the pool requires asking permission first and receiving an affirmative “Yes” from you.

2. Establish Swimming Routines as Early as Possible

What do you do first upon reaching the resort venue or hotel swimming area? Do you just allow your kids to immediately jump into the pool? Maybe you should reexamine your swimming routine?


To prevent accidental drowning, it would be best to establish a pre-swimming routine which includes putting on a swimsuit and other gears, applying sunblock, going into a shower, and of course, asking your permission first.

3. Never Feel Confident About Floaters and Life Jackets

Let me be clear about this, having fun in open waters and natural bodies of water such as seas, lakes, streams, and rivers require that your child wear life jackets to prevent life-threatening situations when sudden natural circumstances occur.

Cute toddler with duck tube on the beach

However, you shall never feel confident about just having floaters and life jackets even when you are merely in a swimming pool. Many of the drowning incidents happen just because parents have felt a false sense of security so they left their children afloat with such devices without thinking that these floaters could fall off or be broken.

4. Eyes on Kids at All Times

janko-ferlic-specialdaddy-MIUqc2mmdBA-unsplashWhat an obvious reminder, we may say. But this very simple tip is the very least that parents can do to make sure that their children are safe from drowning. Despite its simplicity, still many parents fail to keep their eyes focused on their children while swimming.

Even when you are enjoying a barbecue time at the backyard or some chatter with your spouse, do not ever let a second pass without looking at your child. Even when your kid knows basic swimming moves, still she could be in danger of drowning because of cramps or other unexpected situations most especially when other children are also playing with her.

Let this summertime be among the best memories of your family life. Do not let fear keep you from enjoying the pool. Follow these tips and don’t forget to keep the special moments in your heart and captured through photographs!




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